Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get out of the kitchen

Computers and their users are both known for buckling under the pressure of heat. This is ironic as both are also excellent sources of hot air. Here are some ideas for dealing with the scorching heat.
  • A problem shared is a problem halved. Make sure that everyone around you understands how hot you are. This will endear you to them (as you will both be "on the same team") as well as provide an excellent and original conversation starter. I like the simplicity of "Hell's teeth it's hot, isn't it?" but others prefer the more jovial "Hot enough for you?". Feel free to make up your own.
  • Wear less clothes. Let's face it: people who work with computers are inherently good looking people. We should not be afraid to flaunt it, and the hot weather is the perfect excuse. Dust off those shorts, undo that top button, pull out those sandals and be proud of those knee caps. But make sure you still wear socks. No one wants to see your toes.
  • Inform Management. Did you know that once someone attains the title of "Manager" (or even "Finance & Facilities Officer") they no longer have human senses, and such mundane feelings as "heat" do not register with them? Also, management have complete control over the weather. For these two reasons it is vital that they are informed regularly of the conditions.
  • Book a meeting room. Meeting rooms are the perfect place to hide from not only the heat, but also from the annoying people who wear too little clothing and who constantly bug you about how hot it is.

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