Monday, February 16, 2009

Driven to Distraction

It's a trait of human nature that people are more likely to concentrate on a distraction than they are at the job at hand. This can be used to good effect in your day to day work at Plankton.

Talk to the people that are in charge of your role (once you have worked out who they are), and say you would like to change what is on your position description. Tell them that, instead of your current duties, you would like to change your job to be "Looking at cool stuff on the internet, talking about last night's TV and getting myself drinks of water".

That way, when you go to, for example, look at cool stuff on the internet you'll immediately get distracted by the piece of code that somehow found its way onto your computer, or that Design Document that you started in your spare time.

Just make sure you quickly get it done before the boss finds out.